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The application period is open; apply today!

This form is intended to be filled out by creative firms such as architects, landscape architects, and design firms of various backgrounds who would like to exhibit their work as part of the festival. Installations made by design firms in Portland highlight the expansive creative ecosystem that makes up our city and allow firms to participate in a community-oriented exhibition that highlights local talent. We encourage design firms to approach this installation with a spirit of friendly competition and present their most unique and engaging work!

If you are interested in creating site-specific work, there are several available locations, including the World Trade Center, Pioneer Courthouse Square, and other centrally located interior window areas in downtown and the inner east side. The programming of installations at these anchor sites will depend on availability, logistics, and the flow of the festival. Limited 20′ x 20′ spaces with (1) 20 amp power supply are available at the anchor sites.  The interior window spaces will vary in size and available power. If you have a location you are interested in, please indicate that on your application form.

If you already have a confirmed location for your installation, please use the “Art with Location for Architects, Design and Creative Firms” form. This link will guide you through submitting your installation proposal for your specific venue.

The 2025 theme is A Light For Tomorrow.

If your piece is selected, there is a $300 fee to participate in the Festival. The fee covers a portion of the logistics and coordination of this program and serves as a commitment to the project. If your company additionally becomes a sponsor of PDXWLF, this fee will be waived.

Interested in learning more? Please email [email protected] with any questions. 

Architects/designers That need a venue

Do you have art that needs a venue? This application is for you! Click the green button!

Application deadline: 5 PM September 20, 2024

Architects/designers with Location

Do you have a confirmed location that wants to show your art? Great, click the pink button!

Application deadline: 5 PM September 20, 2024

Frequently Asked Questions

Art is assessed on a competitive basis based on the quality of design, form, and concept, and all artwork must incorporate light as a central component. We review submissions to assess feasibility if the proposal can be executed safely, the history of work of the applicants, the vision for the installation, and how the pieces work with the other installations. In placing the installations, we keep in mind the availability of venues and logistics, as well as the quality and care put into fabrication.

We receive hundreds of submissions and review them all very carefully to determine if the proposals are sound and what best fits where. We ask lots of questions about the venues and the artists to figure out the flow and how the pieces work together. We will begin notifying artists in mid-October on a rolling basis until November 8th. 

For art to be placed, your fee will be due once we accept your proposal and confirm a location for your installation. If you already have a location, the fee will be due once we accept your proposal – by Nov 8th at the latest. We will send you an invoice and link for the participation fee.  

Yes, absolutely, we encourage collaboration. We do require only one contact per application.   

YES! You are allowed to submit as many ideas as you like. One application form per proposal.  

Please contact Chris Herring at [email protected] or Misty Post at [email protected] before September 16th so the art team has time to respond.