Join the Portland Winter Light Festival for its 10th year and illuminate our city! We’re looking for artists, performers, venues, designers and architects to transform Portland with light art installations. Be part of a family-friendly event that brings the community together and invigorates Portland in the winter. Click here to learn more and get involved!

Video edited by Farley Collins, and motion graphics by Maggie Huang in collaboration with Mount Hood Community College. Music: “Gamelan On” by Fake Estate, courtesy of Marmoset Music.
A Light For Tomorrow

Our 10th-anniversary theme has been announced! A Light For Tomorrow: Let your ideas soar higher, shine brighter, and burst forth in a kaleidoscope of hues that mirrors the vibrancy of our world.

Nautilus Deep sea is now featured at Pride plaza on SW 12th and Harvey Milk way!

The Nautilus Sculpture by Sparks Designs is intended to draw locals and tourists to the vibrant West end of downtown Portland. This unveiling represents our commitment to enriching the community with light-based public art and shared experiences. Be sure to visit Nautilus at Pride Plaza.

In this episode of the mini docu-series, explore the world of Sparks Designs and their mesmerizing installation, ‘Nautilus Deep Sea.’ This 12-foot sculpture casts prismatic patterns of shadow and light on a grand scale, evoking awe for the mysterious Nautilus and its deep-sea habitat. Discover how this femme metal collective uses art to highlight the intricate connections between nature and the cosmos while raising awareness about the conservation of this endangered marine species.

Visit Sparks Designs here.