The Portland Winter Light Festival (PDXWLF) is an annual event hosted by the Willamette Light Brigade, a non-profit arts organization. PDXWLF brings art, technology, and inclusivity together, invigorating Portland in the winter. With free admission, the festival fosters community and showcases captivating light installations, projections, and interactive displays, creating an immersive experience for all attendees.

The Willamette Light Brigade (WLB) established PDXWLF to foster community connections and enhance public spaces through the magic of artistic lighting. Born out of a collective of inspired minds in 2016, the festival owes its existence to the countless dedicated individuals who contributed their efforts.

We commit to ensuring that the Portland Winter Light Festival remains family-friendly, accessible to all, and free of charge. So, bundle up warmly and join us in celebrating the illuminating power of light and the strength of community!

2024 Impact Video

Press kit

Media Assets: This press kit includes press photos and impact reports. For your convenience, each file name includes the art title, artist, and photographer credits. Metadata includes location, captions, and descriptions.

Media Contact – Therese Gietler – Communications Director – [email protected]


Alisha Sullivan

Executive Director

Chris Herring

Creative Director

Misty Post

Artistic Director

Cari Sánchez-Potter

Deputy Director

Therese Gietler

Communications Director

Kaycia Ogata


Willamette Light Brigade
Board of Directors

Marianne Zarkin

Board Chair
Marianne Zarkin Landscape Architects

Kohel Haver

Board Secretary

Don Carlson

Board Treasurer

Zach Suchara

Board Chair-Elect

Directors at Large
Jarrett Altman

Development Chair
Neighborhood Works Realty

Jonah Cohen

Director at Large
Hacker Architects

Damian Crowder

Director at Large

Robert Hastings

Director at Large
Oregon, By Design

Chelsea McCann

Director at Large
Walker Macy

Chelsea Rooklyn

Director at Large
Killian Pacific

Jeff Schnabel

Director at Large
Portland State University

Paddy Tillett

President Emeritus
ZGF Architects, Willamette Light Brigade Founder


The Willamette Light Brigade (WLB) is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion as essential components of the organization and its related programming.

Equity is the pursuit of equal outcomes, a goal WLB can only achieve by identifying barriers to inclusion and creating an environment welcoming to all through intentional actions. 

WLB recognizes that people of color and other communities continue to be marginalized and excluded intentionally and unintentionally due to systemic racism and bias.  We are committed to fostering an environment of belonging and acceptance by implementing policies/procedures responsive to race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender, ability (physical and neurological), religion, and other individual identities for all staff, Board members, and community volunteers.

We are committed to being a non-discriminatory organization and providing equal opportunities for employment, volunteering, Board service, and advancement in all areas of our work. Our commitment to place-making through lighting and the arts is to be shared by all segments of the Greater Portland community. 

W.A.G.E. Certification