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The Portland Winter Light Festival (February 1-4th, 2017) is a free, community-wide annual winter arts festival that focuses on light-based installations, projections, performance and activities that expand the boundaries of art and technology. The PWLF is a proud activity of the Willamette Light Brigade, a non-profit organization.

Thank you to our 2017 sponsors: Portland General Electric (PGE), Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI), MeyerPro, and more.

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Why Should You Attend?

The Portland Winter Light Festival sets the stage for community engagement and free, all-ages outdoor interactive fun and entertainment through innovative illuminated artworks, performance and activities along the Willamette River’s Eastbank Esplanade. Artists from across Cascadia present visually compelling work for the public’s enjoyment. Everyone is welcome.

Why During Winter?

Inspired by light festivals in some of the most popular cities around the globe, the Portland Winter Light Festival is designed to celebrate the spirit of winter and warmth of community. Using light, color, artistry, performance, and imagination, PWLF brings people together during a time of year typically reserved for the indoors. Bundle up and come celebrate with us!

All Ages Welcome!

The Portland Winter Light Festival is family friendly and designed to inspire adults and kids alike. Combining art and technology, families of all ages will find something to capture their spirit and fill their minds with imagination and wonder.