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Limited Hotel Partner sites will be available. Apply early to get involved!

The 10th Portland Winter Light Festival is February 7 – 15, 2025.

This call is for Hotel Partners interested in participating in the Portland Winter Light Festival by presenting art, hosting artists, and exhibiting light-based artwork. Participating Hotels will be recognized for their support of PDXWLF through various channels and are essential partners in bringing the magic of PDXWLF to Portland. 

Installations can be light-based art installations or sculptures in windows, colorful and creative outdoor lighting, video projections, and more. 

PDXWLF will work to match artists to available hotel venues. We may not be able to match an artist with your venue, but there are many other ways to participate as a hotel partner.

If you have questions about getting involved, please email [email protected]. For questions about art or installations in your hotel, please email [email protected].

Hotel Partner

Are you interested in participating in Portland Winter Light Festival activities this winter? There are limited spots available; submit your application now!

Frequently Asked Questions

No, our art team will select artists for placement in potential venues. Based on availability, logistics, and visibility from the street, artists will be selected for venues that do not already have their own artists on a case-by-case basis. The artwork will be family-friendly. We will likely be unable to place artists in every venue that applies. 

Yes, we encourage venues to show their own art/artists! Please complete the second section in the Hotel Partner Form

No, we wish! Large projection pieces cost tens of thousands of dollars, and we do not have the resources to do this scale of work in multiple venues. We’d love to see these pieces all over Portland, but we’ll need much more support to make that happen. If you are set on something like this, we can pair you with a local projection company and artist that can make your dreams come true. 

Yes, absolutely! Please let us know ASAP what you are looking for and your budget. If possible, we will connect you with an artist.

We receive hundreds of submissions and review them very carefully to determine if the proposals are sound and what best fits where. We ask many questions about the venues and the artists to determine the flow and how the pieces work together. We will begin notifying artists and venues in mid-October on a rolling basis until November 8th. 

Once we accept a location and/or have an artist to place in that location, we will send you an invoice and link for the participation fee. 

We will work with you to determine rooms needed for artists starting in December on a case-by-case basis. 

We may request rooms for artists to begin installing on February 4th. Most rooms will be requested for Thurs – Sat, Feb 6th—9th, and Fri—Sun, Feb 14th—17th. This includes a day for installation and a day to strike the installation. 

Please contact Misty Post at [email protected].