a light for tomorrow

In this, our tenth year, we invite you to dive into the boundless world of technicolor transformation.

Picture this—what if our city was shaped by the visionary artists who dreamed up past light festival artworks? Each festival represents a unique era of creativity, innovation, and evolution. Now, take that knowledge and fast-forward 20 years.

Where will we be in 2045?

My mind sees pillars that sense a presence and guides them down pathways with a colorful pulsing glow, buildings shimmering in dazzling pastels, videos and images, constructed artworks skinned in shiny metallics over LEDs that look as beautiful in the daytime as the night, wayfinding towers that can be seen from block to block. Tell us the story of our future through art, technology, sustainability, recycling, transportation, interactivity, communication, all created in lights.

As we ponder the possibilities, one thing remains clear: the future is a rich tapestry woven with threads of color and shadow. For this monumental tenth anniversary, we turn to you, the dreamers, thinkers, creators, and builders to come together and showcase the culmination of nine years of exploration and discovery. Let your ideas soar higher, shine brighter, and burst forth in a kaleidoscope of hues that mirrors the vibrancy of our world.

Together, let us paint a future with strokes of innovation and imagination.

Today, you make tomorrow brighter! 

~ Chris Herring, Creative Director PDXWLF

2025 Theme Colors