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Helianthus Enorme by Chad Fez Gaetz

“Helianthus Enorme”, by Chad “Fez” Gaetz

Put Your Business In Lights! 

Discover unique marketing opportunities by becoming a sponsor of the Portland Winter Light Festival

The Portland Winter Light Festival illuminates the spirit of light within all of us.

During the dark nights of Portland’s winter, the Festival electrifies public spaces and streetscapes, bringing them alive with light-based art installations and events by local and internationally recognized artists and community members.

Why Should Your Company Be In The Spotlight?

Partnering with Portland Winter Light Festival creates a visually stunning and unique marketing opportunity for your brand. Be the guiding light of this powerful festival and put your business in lights (literally!) to share your brand’s message and passion for art and Portland with consumers.

Electrify Your Brand:

By partnering with Portland Winter Light Festival you get prominent media coverage and brand exposure in the following ways:

— Partnership with a professional and high profile event in the heart of Portland
— Access to diverse audience
— Drive consumer engagement through personal and direct marketing abilities
— Prominent logo and brand placement in festival imagery and media coverage
— Opportunity for significant exposure at a festival that is uniquely “Portland”

Your sponsorship is tax deductible as the Willamette Light Brigade (WLB) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

We’re currently accepting tax-deductible sponsorships for the 2017 festival. If you’d like to contribute, please make your check out to “WLB Portland Winter Light Festival” and send to:
c/o Willamette Light Brigade
1223 SW Washington St. Suite 200
Portland, OR 97205

To learn more about creating an exclusive partnership with Portland Winter Light Festival, please write to: