Picture of different magnets Wee Pixels

Wee Pixels by Mackenzie Waller, Nate Horstmann and Tera Hatfield was inspired by the refrigerator magnets found at tourist shops. 2000 resin LED illuminated magnets representing the district coalitions of Portland will be arranged in an initial mural pattern marked so visitors can move/remove the magnets to form a new pattern.

Mackenzie Waller, Nate Horstmann and Tera Hatfield

Photo of Mackenzie Waller

Mackenzie is a designer at Framework who earned concurrent masters’ degrees in architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Washington. She’s interested in the design process, but more specifically how people can be creative together. Dabbling in the mainstream she maintains a steady diet of architectural and urban design projects to accommodate a fringe of low-brow public art works. Her current project menu includes Mercer Island Center for the Arts, Pioneer Square Street custom bicycle rack design, and a parklet in Little Saigon neighborhood of Seattle.



Photo of Nate HorstmannNate is a software engineer who fell in love with 3D graphics while building virtual roller coasters for extra credit in high school drafting class. Aspiring to breathe life and interactivity into his digital creations led him to a proficiency in manipulating pixels and objects with code. He put these skills to work freelancing and as a partner at an interactive agency to build award winning experiences on the web. Now, Nate practices his craft along with a desire to bring technological interactions into the physical realm with the creative technology group, The Lodge, at Wieden+Kennedy.





Photo of Tera Hatfield

Tera Hatfield is an Experience Design Lead—two scoops graphic design, one scoop architecture. With an English degree, front-end web development experience, and loads of curiosity on top. She grew up on the Puget Sound in Bremerton, WA, home to monolithic battleships and forever roving cranes, and along the way amassed strange credentials from Vassar College and the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington. Tera’s creative superpowers lie at the antidisciplinary intersection of user-centered digital and physical design. She’s fond of prototypes, A-frames, Bucky Fuller, and f-bombs.

Currently, you can find her within Wieden + Kennedy’s creative technology group, The Lodge, jumping off cliffs into uncertain seas, and creating delicious experiences while experimenting with new technologies. Wizards stay up late, so let’s make some magic together in the off hours. Say hello, she fights for good.


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