Treeflection by Amy Meyer, Forrest Grenfell and Jacob Highlanden is a collaboration of nature and technology that aims to capture the spirit of the wonder of the stars and the river. It will use a variety of holographic and mirrored surfaces including geometric sculptures and disco balls installed onto a tree under the Hawthorne bridge. Surfaces will be illuminated by projections, turning the space into a playground of light and with ever-changing visuals responding to the noise-level of festival goers.

Amy Meyer, Forrest Grenfell and Jacob Highlanden


Amy Meyer is a communication designer focused on explorations between various intersections of culture and technology. Through graphic, motion, and fashion design she realizes these interactions into expressive simplicity.






grenfellfForrest Grenfell is an artist and designer working in a diverse set of mediums ranging from projection mapping animation photography, to apparel, textile, and package design, Forrest’s work is vibrant and loud, and occasionally seizure-inducing.








Jacob Highlanden is a maker using the mediums of projection-mapping and LED lights. Stemming from his involvement with the PDX music scene as one of the founders of the Portland record label Internet Piracy Records, Jacob’s visuals have appeared on stage at a variety of venues around the Portland area such as the Crystal Ballroom as well as a variety of DIY festivals and event spaces.








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