Image of light art Substation Transformation

Andrew Wade Smith and Brent Williams, both independent digital media artists based in Portland, are collaborating on Substation Transformation at the PGE building. For this year’s festival, they forge their talents to create an interactive media environment including live, interactive audio/visual performance.



Photo of Andrew Wade Smith

Andrew Wade Smith

Andrew utilizes digital projection and multi- phonic sound design in the pursuit of poetic, environmental intervention. While image and sound production are life-long passions, his sensitivity and response to given environments inform his process and are the foundation of his professional work.





Headshot of Brent WilliamsBrent Williams

Brent is a multimedia artist specializing in interactive installations and large-scale displays for live events and retail locations. With formal education in digital media and years of working in live music and performance, Brent’s interests are centered on creating emotional response within these immersive, sensory environments.





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