Image of floating light art Skylight

Skylight by Chris Pitzer is a symmetrical six-sided LED mandala that is five layers deep that hangs above festival goers that runs animations of colors flowing through its 103 laser cut acrylic panels. The piece is interactive and any attendee can add their own color to the patterns running through the piece.

Photo of Chris PitzerChris Pitzer

Chris Pitzer is a maker, a coder, and an LED artist. Sky Light is his first piece of public art, and it was first displayed at the art festivals Soak (in Oregon) and Burn in the Forest (in Vancouver BC). A lot of the support and inspiration for the Sky Light piece came out of the Burning Man community – this piece required a small army of friends with soldering irons. Chris spends his time working on making a video game, snuggling cats, and hosting cooking parties.






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