Radiance Dome

Radiance Dome by Light At Play is a free standing installation based on a 5 frequency geodesic dome. It contains 190 illuminated panels and 120 vertex lights which together form a highly customizable, light-driven 3d surface. Standing approximately 20’ tall and with a diameter of about 40’, the Radiance Dome is designed to be a space which captures the eye of the visitor from both inside and out.

Light At Play is a lighting design company focused on creating data-driven lighting installations using cutting edge lighting and materials technology. Their work has been featured prominently around the world including displays at The Smithsonian, The National Academy of Sciences, and UNESCO. Light At Play’s installations are built using their own custom hardware and software, developed primarily in Eugene, Oregon.

“We believe that technology is a medium that allows us to break new artistic ground. We use it to give our audience a fresh perspective on their relationship to art itself. Our guiding design principal is that our work should be participatory – engaging our audience with intuitive simplicity and natural elegance. Building on this principal we design lighting installations animated by movement and sound, allowing our audience to join with us in the creation of a shared artistic experience.”



Photo of Yona AppletreeYona Appletree, Co-Founder


Yona integrates a technical approach to design with artistic expression in his favorite medium: software. Yona co-founded Light at Play in order to realize his passion – the symbiosis of art and technology.


Photo of Wayne SkipperWayne Skipper, Co-Founder


Wayne’s background spans the technology gamut, from hardware design to software architecture. Wayne co-founded Light at Play to explore the creation of immersive experiences using data-driven lighting systems.


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