Photo of light sculpture PXL Matrix

PXL Matrix by Josh Kottler are low resolution LED curtains. There are 496 LEDs in each and the curtains are 11 feet tall. The LEDs create a soft, almost pastel glow. They will be hanging off the Portland Opera Balcony.

Josh Kottler HeadshotJosh Kottler

Born and raised in the Manzano Mountains southeast of Albuquerque New Mexico, Josh always loved making things. As a mountain boy, I was able to build, destroy and set fire to most anything that caught my attention.

Drawn to the Pacific Northwest by music, culture, and water, I came to Portland in 2001. Working as an Event Production Manager, I discovered these little LEDs and my team and I built about 120 4’ strips, numerous custom cables and power supplies.  After leaving the company and going freelance, I was asked by the Portland Trail Blazers to setup an LED tunnel for the 2015 NBA Playoffs. This set me in motion to start a company, build my own LED system, and PXLMatrix was born.

For the past year, I have been working on PXLMatrix to design, build, and refine my PXLMesh LED Curtains, as well as creating beautiful visual graphic content and renting curtains for events.


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