Patterns Are For Breaking

Patterns Are For Breaking by Kirsten Rian and Jason Sleight reflects a personal journey shedding old habits and patterns and embracing new opportunities for happiness. It utilizes projection to tell the story of personal growth in daily living and life hardships that we all have to survive and learn from in this space between river and sky, and through this medium of light it tells this story vibrantly, beautifully, and with hope.

Kirsten Rian and Jason Sleight

kirsten-imageKirsten Rian is an installation artist and painter and has been active in the national arts community for 20 years. She has been awarded numerous artist fellowships and grants, including from the Oregon Arts Commission fellowship, RACC grants, an Artists for the Arts grant, a Catalyst Fund grant, and Soapstone residency, among others. She is an accomplished multidisciplinary artist, working prolifically as a writer, painter, installation conceptual artist, and musician. Her most recent international exhibition was in Iceland and incorporated video, painting, words, and music. Her work with refugees and immigrants in war-torn communities and human trafficking survivors explores how storytelling and sharing through creative mediums often allows the hardest and most necessary aspects of human history and experience to be remembered, and in fact, honored. As a musician she has made 8 records, and acted as producer on others. She is also an independent photography curator and writer and has curated or coordinated more than 375 photography exhibitions internationally, and picture edited or written for over 80 books and catalogues. She teaches at Portland State and is widely published as a journalist, essayist and poet, and the author of three notable books. Her anthology of Sierra Leonean poets and their accounts of the civil war, Kalashnikov in the Sun (Pika Press), is in every classroom in Sierra Leone. Life Expectancy was released in 2015.



jason-imageJason Sleight has worked in the live events industry for over 20 years, with the logistics and craft of setting up and operating projection, sound, and lighting for a wide range of corporate, festival, and artist events and installations. The technology has progressed to a point where there is profoundly more connection between ideas and production.  It is an exciting and inspiring time to explore all the new possibilities as well as revisit and refine the old. He has focused expertise in video projection and switching and audio engineering and recording.  He has worked for Nike, Inc. since 1999, mostly at WHQ in Beaverton, as well as various locations around the country.  He also works for a variety of other live event and installation production companies. At Portland Winter Lights Festival in 2016, he provided video and audio support for all the exhibitors.  His main focus was on Andrew Smith’s large building projection mapping exhibit. As a musician, he has been in several bands over the years and has recorded many artists, in addition to his own music.

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