Illustration of a spray paint can spraying color paint.IR

paint.IR is an interactive installation created by sibling duo Joseph and Victoria Wells. By hacking a common tool and medium, paint.IR allows the user to explore the art of spray painting with a new media twist. Visitors will be able to spray paint light onto OMSI walls, exploring their creativity, collaborating with others, and contributing their work to the wonderful collection presented in the festival.


Photo of Victoria Wells

Victoria Wells

Victoria Wells is a New Media artist based in Portland, Oregon. Her work explores the intersection of art + science through interactive installation, experimental film, and other new media technologies. In her short stint in Portland, Victoria’s work has been shown in OMSI’s Maker Faire, PNCA exhibitions, Spectacle Garden at the Headwaters Theater, and Show/Show. She is a resident visual artist with local synth-collective Volt Divers, and performs monthly with them at Lovecraft Bar. When she isn’t tinkering with cameras, animating, or collaborating with other artists, Victoria does post-production work for Pickathon and other local companies.




Photo of Joseph WellsJoseph Wells

Joseph Wells is a contemporary New Media artist based in Portland, Oregon. He is constantly exploring new technologies and visual media that is emerging around us, often taking systems and devices that are found  in our daily lives and merging them into his artistic practice. With a background in Computer Science and Computer Engineering at PSU, Joseph transferred to PNCA in the Spring of 2015 where he has been studying an Intermedia practice focusing in New Media. Using his knowledge of programming and hardware design, Joseph has been using generative programming techniques and software integration into his visual design works. He performs live visuals in Portland’s music scene, and works closely with musicians and performers within a variety of disciplines. His upcoming pursuits involve virtual reality headsets, generative video and sound performance, 3D printing, and abstract hardware hacking.

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