Mystic Medusozoa Jellyfish Chandeliers

Mystic Medusozoa Jellyfish Chandeliers by Christina Glabas and Holly Hogan are crafted from antique lamp shades and covered with various textured materials and adorned with crystals and beading. Each jellyfish pulsates light from the inside with a plume of fiber optics descending from their bell, reacting to sound and interacting with visitors and the environment around them. The jellyfish will sparkle and sway in the sunlight and mimic bioluminescence at night.

Christina Glabas and Holly Hogan


Christina Glabas and Holly Hogan, aka Portland’s most glamorous artistic duo, bring the dazzle of the undersea world to sea level and beyond by creating visually arresting and playful sculptures and spaces. We feel that nature herself is the most glamorous creatirix and we are but a vessel for her musings. We love to delight all of the senses by incorporating music and sound reactive elements to our work.

We enjoy working together and with other women to bring empowered, feminine art to public spaces. We regularly lead community based art events including figure drawing and collage nights.

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