Photo of a dead robot Mechan 9

Mechan 9 by Tyler FuQua appears to be half buried in the ground and stands six feel tall at it’s chest, spans 36 feet from fingertip to fingertip and 35 feet from his foot to his antennae. He has bright spotlights in his eyes and hundreds of rivets all over his body that each have a programmable LED embedded in them that do all sorts of crazy sequences. Finally, and most importantly, there are a bunch of illuminated signs riveted to the body. The signs are written in a strange text that can be translated by finding the hatch with the decoder inside!

Photo of Tyler FuQuaTyler FuQua

Tyler fuQua creations is based in Eagle Creek, Oregon just outside of Portland.  Having created giant puppets and props since 2002, we have been steadily building bigger and better creations as well as expanding our client base.  We are always looking for new projects to work on of any size.  We love creating anything that blows people’s minds such as sets, puppets, props, costumes and art installations, and that’s just the beginning!





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