Rendering of an illuminated art piece Lumascope

The Lumascope is a large, walkthrough kaleidoscope that reflects the city lights, neighboring PWLF projects and the users within, creating an array of patterns and possibilities. Made up of thousands of square mirrors within a classic A frame structure, the Lumascope offers two experiences; it reflects the activity within (from the interior) and the view through (from the exterior) to what is beyond. The Lumascope is designed for 24-hour use, using natural light during the day and LED lights at night for an augmented experience.

Logo for 2.Ink Studio Studio is a landscape architecture firm committed to environmentally sensitive design through adaptation and innovation, simplicity and longevity, practiced within a framework of strong visual aesthetics. Locally, their work includes the Columbia Boulevard Wastewater Treatment Plant, Dawson Park and the MLK Gateway.

Team leader Jamuna Golden received her Masters of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Minnesota and also served as an Adjunct Professor. There she co-taught the Design Duluth graduate studio, a class focused on developing alternative urban futures for Duluth, Minnesota, through public engagement, civic initiative and resilient design. Raised in Portland, she is passionate about interdisciplinary design and collaboration across various scales, from urban planning to site-specific design. Team leader Lindsay Hawks also attended the University of Minnesota, and has a background in interactive art and sculpture. Her interests include: parametric design, feral ecologies and of course, nuit blanche festivals.

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