Light Chimes

Light Chimes is an artistic collaboration between Andrew Haddock of the interactive design studio Sticky Co., and Amy Spreadborough and Anmarie Trimble of the literary rock band little hexes.

The 18-foot suspended Light Chimes installation reacts to the movement of visitors with varying sounds and beams of colored light, providing a melodic and visual synesthetic experience.

Inspired by the theme “Between the River and the Stars,” the installation makes its debut at the 2017 Portland Winter Light Festival.

Haddock, Trimble, and SpreadboroughAndrew Haddock , artist and owner, Sticky Co.  Andrew brings his love of interactive art and storytelling to help elevate institutions. For over 20 years, he has led the creation and installation of multimedia experiences for Oregon Historical Society, University of Washington, Dutch National Ballet, Nike, and Intel. Andrew trained at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

Musicians Amy Spreadborough and Anmarie Trimble co-founded little hexes in 2011. They bring to this project their musical understanding, as well as their experience, collaborating with local artists to create visual interpretations of their audio environments.

Amy is a keen improviser and lover of genre mashups. A singer, musician, and songwriter with 20+ years in the Portland music scene, she studied classical and jazz guitar, and formed several collaboration-minded local bands that spanned diverse genres including singer/songwriter acoustic, alternative/punk, pop, rock, bluegrass and Americana. She’s also a 20+ year veteran of Portland advertising and brand marketing agencies including Leopold Ketel & Partners and Cole & Weber, directing campaigns using a variety of media and creative collaborations. Time and again in her career she has been called upon to connect people with ideas and emotions in fresh ways.

Anmarie came to singing and instrumentation after a decade experience working in creative multimedia and poetry. She applied her poetic sensibility to create conceptual metaphors and architectures for Second Story Interactive Studios, most notably for the Jimi Hendrix lyric notebook kiosk at Experience Music Project in Seattle, which won the Communication Arts Interactive Design Annual in 2001. She’s also recognized for her decade-long pioneering work as editor of the collaborative literary/arts experimental multimedia venue BornMagazine. In the late ’90s, she worked with Andrew at Lightspeed Studios. Since 2001 she has taught in the interdisciplinary University Studies program at Portland State University.


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