Photo of a brick building Light Capsules

Light Capsules by Craig Winslow is a series of ghost sign projections traveling the world that will reanimate Portland’s historic ghost signage, engaging communities and festival goers in the beauty that surrounds them, hidden in plain sight.


Photo of Craig WinslowCraig Winslow

Craig Winslow is an experiential designer and one of this year’s Adobe Creative Residents. His latest project Light Capsules brings layers of history to life through projection mapping, on a series of ghost signs around the world. He previously worked at JDK Design as a 3D designer on an industrial design team, and taught design adjunct at Champlain College in Vermont. He’s been featured on The Great Discontent, FastCo Design, and The Creators Project.

This year Craig will bring his international exhibit to the streets of Portland the week of the Portland Winter Light Festival to illuminate the history of downtown Portland. Craig will use light to bring some of Portland’s vanished signs back to life by projecting revived versions on buildings around downtown.





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