Harmony Park

Harmony Park by Justin Metras was inspired by the theme of this year’s festival ‘Between the River and the Stars’ – looking just above the water. Lighted lily pads sitting on (faux) water invite participants to jump from one pad to another, as a lighted ripple effect cascades below. Each lily pad is a pressure sensitive LED that sends data to a central brain that turns individual pressure stamps into unique sound signatures that are automatically mixed into real-time soundtracks for visitors to see and hear. As others join in on other lily pads, their unique weights trigger new and different effects creating countless sound and music combinations.


Justin Metras

Justin Metras is the owner of Ellumiglow, a Portland based lighting company specializing in event and retail lighting and has been in the lighting business for over a decade. His experience with numerous lighting projects has given him the desire to make a memorable interactive exhibit for the 2017 PWLF as a representation of things he enjoys; music, light and art coming together for an unforgettable experience.










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