Photo of a chandelier emiting a huge fireball Flamethrower Chandelier

Perhaps the world’s classiest flamethrower, the Flamethrower Chandelier is a 5-arm chandelier with LEDs and a bowl of fire on each arm made by Ryan Ramage. When pulled, a chain with a crystal handle can be ‘played’ in short poofs or long blasts of pyrotechnics to illuminate the landscape. Inspired by the gasoliers of the 1800s, but also incorporating modern technology, the Flamethrower Chandelier is part steampunk, part cyberpunk, and part percussion instrument, marrying mankind’s oldest light source with our latest innovation.

Headshot of Ryan RamageRyan Ramage

Ryan Ramage is a web developer by trade, with a furniture and art making hobby that has slowly taken over an ever larger portion of his life since his first Burning Man event in 2011. Experienced with woodworking, metal fabrication, electronics, and flame effects, he has successfully built and presented various interactive installations and spaces at festivals and events throughout the Northwest and at Burning Man.



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