Image of light art Feedback and Flow

Image of light art

Feedback and Flow is a live video installation that uses optical feedback and audience participation to create organic pulsating fractals on a projection screen. The basic function is taking a video source, mirroring it into a sort of kaleidoscope, and then pointing the camera at the screen. Objects or people between the camera and the screen become part of visuals created, exponentially duplicated through the feedback. By placing the projector on the opposite side of a 2 way projector screen from the camera, it is possible to incorporate people into the visuals without having to shine light in their faces or have them cast shadows on the screen.

Shenanigans is the collaboration between two old friends, Max Strater and Kyle Paulsen. After meeting on the middle school soccer team they found a shared interest in math, video games, and computer science. Over the years they’ve collaborated on creative projects in music, programming, and now visual arts. Kyle and Max are both professional software engineers at Autodesk Inc.

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