Animated gif of pulsing stars Fallen Stars

Fallen Stars by Nicole Baker is an animated film that will tell an original myth of the first winter that was inspired by elements from Chinook, Inuit, Russian and Scandinavian folklore. The projection will include a variety of animation techniques including Java-based digital animation and silhouette animation. Stylistically it will borrow from cave paintings, traditional cutwork shadow puppetry and silent film to create an easy to follow, yet abstract story telling experience.

Headshot of Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker

Nicole Baker works in installation, sculpture, and video. She earned her BFA in film from the Savannah College of Art and Design before relocating to New York City, where she spent
several years as an artist’s assistant to Amy Greenfield and Jeffery Inaba, among others.

Her work explores conflict and environmentalism by creating small worlds that distort perception and challenge what we regard as “reality”. She was recently honored with the Joe Couch Award in Experimentation at the North Portland Unknown FIlm Festival. Notable exhibitions include Ghost/Grove, at the True/False Festival in Columbia, MO; and Antidote: Savannah at the LUMEN festival in NYC.


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