Dragon Twist Chandelier

Completed in August 2016 by Ryan Ramage and Chris LohKamp, the Dragon Twist Chandelier is an ornate, wrought iron and aluminum chandelier with 6 arms, each holding a 2 foot tall, 4 inch wide quartz tube containing a fire tornado. Built using traditional scrollwork, the chandelier is primarily renaissance in style, but incorporates fire tornadoes for a dramatic juxtaposition of modern technology and traditional styling.

Headshot of Ryan RamageRyan Ramage

Ryan Ramage is a web developer by trade, with a furniture and art making hobby that has slowly taken over an ever larger portion of his life since his first Burning Man event in 2011. Experienced with woodworking, metal fabrication, electronics, and flame effects, he has successfully built and presented various interactive installations and spaces at festivals and events throughout the Northwest and at Burning Man.

Chris LohKamp

Chris LohKamp is a community education instructor at PCC, teaching metal working. He has recently joined the After Dark Arts team. He has been teaching metal working since 2008. His prior experience in developing competition robots and repurposing salvaged materials has culminated in his recent move toward working on interactive art sculpture.

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