Cymatic Star

Cymatic Star by Myles de Bastion features 9 pixel-mapped LED triangles arranged in a geometrical 6-pointed star shaped structure and a one-of-a-kind LED microphone suspended horizontally above the festival goer. The LED microphone, custom built by Portland’s Audiolux Devices and Ear Trumpet Labs hangs from the center point along with the words “I’m Listening” inviting viewers to interact and engage with the installation. As participants sing, laugh, scat or recite intimate poem, the sounds of their voices are translated into a dazzling display of light thanks to custom developed hardware & software analyzing ambient sound in realtime, mapping frequencies to colors which circle-outward along the installation.


Photo of Myles de BastionMyles de Bastion

Myles de Bastion is a User Interaction & Product Designer, Artistic Director, Musician and Creative-altruist who develops technology and art installations that enables sound to be experienced as light and vibration. His work has appeared in the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry, Portland Art Museum and on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! Show. He has built large scale installations for music festivals and Grammy-award winning jazz artist Esperanza Spalding.

Myles, a British-American, was born profoundly deaf to hearing parents in Vermont. He was raised and schooled in England (UK) graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in computer animation. Age 21 he moved to Brooklyn, NY with the goal of pursuing a career in the arts, and began producing a prolific body of work as a multi-instrumentalist & sound-designer. Performing and touring around the East Coast music scene, he honed his skills as a performer, however with progressively deteriorating hearing he encountered challenges working with his hearing musician peers who made little effort to find solutions to improve communication during collaborations. Born of these frustrations, Myles put his music career on hold, taking a hiatus by returning to England in search of a way forward.

In 2011 Myles was invited by seminal Deaf performer Rosa-Lee Timm to participate at the World’s first Deaf Music Camp, MI, where he and Rosa-Lee worked closely together to develop an innovative ‘Deaf Music & Sound’ curriculum exploring the relationship between Sign Language, movement, vibration and the interconnected experience of sound made visible. Myles came away inspired by this experience and began teaching himself ASL and drew up designs for a device that would translate sound and audio information into light and vibration. A year later Myles produced the first prototype of this device and began incorporating a multi-sensory approach to his work.

In 2012 Myles moved to Portland OR and founded CymaSpace, a non-profit that facilitates arts & cultural events that are inclusive of the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing, where Myles further develops his technological artistic works that translate sound into visual mediums. In 2015 Myles took his concepts into the commercial sector and founded Audiolux Devices, a technology company that now produces professional products featuring the synergy of light and sound.

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