Photo of a fiber optic art sculpture at night Color Optic Poofs

Color Optic Poofs by Yelena Roslaya were inspired by stars in the sky and flowers. The poofs vary in size and are made of broom bristles and fiber optics and are battery operated to both glow at night and be visible during the day. 100 poofs will be hanging in trees with their colorful radiant energy visually bouncing back and forth among each other.

Photo of Yelena RoslayaYelena Roslaya

As a multi-media artist, I enjoy exploring many techniques and applying them to my own practice. Recently graduating with a BFA from Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC), I generally work with drawing, painting, and ceramics. In my spare time, I like to transform common objects into stunning works of art. The idea of poofs came about from an assignment at OCAC and continues to evolve as an ongoing project. In the summer of 2014, my poofs have been exhibited at the Oregon Garden and will be exhibited with an addition of fiber optic lights at the Portland Winter Light Festival in 2017. I currently reside in Battle Ground, WA and here are some links to view more of my work:

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