CirceLux – Aqua Stellae

CirceLux by Kelli Rua Klein is a large interactive steel sculpture standing 8 feet tall and 10 feet long originally built in 2010 that has been added to for these past 6 years. In Latin, circe means circle, and lux means light… circles of light.

Circles of Light – Water Stars
Aqua Stellae inspires to bring the sight and sound of sparkling stars and water raining down from wings representing the circles and cycles of our lives.

Headshot of Kelli Rua KleinKelli Rua Klein

Rua, aka Kelli Rua Klein, has called many places her home, until arriving in Portland Oregon in 1992, when she sunk her deep redheaded roots down into the moist Pacific Northwest soil. Rua is a interactive, community artist at the core of her being, but the layers that also make her who she is today consist of home owner, software engineer, product owner, birth-mother, sister, lover, backpacker, gardener, stilt walker and dancer.

She navigates between two worlds that she has spent her whole life nurturing and transforming. Strong in software development and the technology world, she provides a foundation that fuels her creative world. She never knew a time when she did not create, starting with drawing horses and animals.

Utilizing many methods to create, including steel and precious metals, oil painting, paper mache, found objects, wood, and fabric; she is capable of using a paint brush or a welding wand to create her vision. Her creative muses are aged objects, rust, letterforms, typography, nature, animals, circles and the human form and how they interrelate with each other in space. She enjoys installing her art in different environments, such as meadows, deserts, forests and the city. She also enjoys engaging her community to help create her visions and build upon their own.




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