Rendering of a sculputer near a river Cameo no. 3

A team of creative professionals combined forces to design an unforgettable sensory experience for the second annual Portland Winter Light Festival this February. The piece, Cameo no. 3, will explore the intersection of sound, rhythm, light and social interaction against the backdrop of the Portland cityscape.

The Portland Winter Light Festival is a celebration of light and art along the east bank of Portland’s Willamette River. Bringing existing outdoor spaces to life, visitors will experience a wide variety of largescale interactive light exhibits from more than a dozen premier artists. By invoking emotion, interaction, delight and exploration, sound forms a narrative unique to each individual. The interpretation of a soundscape can ignite every human sense.

Through light, animation and social interaction, the exploration of sound is the genesis of art. Cameo no. 3 invites users to explore these interactions through three touch podiums. Each podium allows individuals to conduct and create an experience through music and light. Controlled by touch, people can interact and play with the landscape in a form that references the natural shapes and gentle curves in the surrounding urban environment.

Using DuPont Corian material, the team transformed high tech material into a soft and atmospheric sculpture, brought to life by technology and social interaction. The team is composed of architects, fabricators, technologists and musicians united by the notion of blending advanced materials and technology with nature, warmth and human touch in the coldest month of the year.


Piano Push Play

Piano Push Play logo

Megan McGeorge, founder of Piano Push Play, brings music to the masses through her nonprofit dedicated to restoring pianos. The nonprofit transforms older pianos and places them in public spaces allowing anyone to enjoy the experience of making music.

Contact: Megan McGeorge,


Dot dot dash logo

dotdotdash is an interactive design and production studio specialized in cutting-edge experiences.

Contact: Kyle Banuelos,

Willis + Dupont

Willis logo                    Dupont Corian Logo

Dupont is a global leader in emerging material trends. The industrial enterprise develops products for current markets based on existing solutions and new science. Willis, the exclusive distributor of DuPont building materials to the northwest, markets and distributes world-class products representing global brands across North America.

Contact: Jana Prince,

Uncorked Studios

Uncorked studios

Uncorked Studios is a company full of insatiably curious, multifaceted designers and engineers who are transforming ideas into tangible things every day—everything from websites to walls to wearables—in Portland, Oregon.

Contact: Dennis Hanley,

ZGF Architects

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ZGF Architects is a design firm with a focus on architecture, interior design and urban design. ZGF’s in-house fabrication shop utilizes the latest tools and a turnkey approach to create custom art, interactive media and unique solutions that incorporate emerging technology and techniques. ZGF has been instrumental in the formation of Portland and actively embraces the maker spirit.

Contact: Robert Petty,

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