Image of a glowing light projection Annular #1

Annular #1 by Ulrich Buddemeier was inspired by laser lumia projections that straddle the boundary between nature and technology. Intricate fractal-like patterns are generated by carefully selected and arranged optical components that interact with lasers with patterns arising out of irregularities and textures of the components in a non-predictable fashion. Lumia projections are as much about discovery, as they are about creation.

Photo of Ulrich BuddemeierUlrich Buddemeier

Born 1967 in the Ruhr area, Germany’s industrial heartland, Ulrich holds a Ph.D. in physics from the university of Bochum, Germany. He relocated to Los Angeles in 1997 to work for a software startup dabbling in machine vision. Inspired by attending the Burning Man festival since 1999, he uses his scientific background and deep knowledge of laser technology and optics to create light installations.










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