Photo of a sculpture of the moon A Moon and Many Suns

A Moon and Many Suns by Craig Dorety is a 7 foot tall black monolith with a circular cutout on one side. Through the cutout can be seen a highly detailed carving of a section of the moon’s surface made using data from NASA. He uses an innovative set of computer processes to prepare the lunar topography for carving with a computer controlled machine. Also inside the monolith are many programmable LEDs that move and change color as they shine across the lunar surface creating moving shadows that engage the festival goers attention. The artwork is an experiment in perception and in understanding our place in the universe.

Headshot of Craig DoertyCraig Dorety

We use our senses to help us understand our position in space-time. Vision is our main sensory input for the world we exist in. The human brain has some built-in limits beyond which it cannot properly interpret visual information. I use this limit to express the workings of the subconscious. Also embodied in my work is a sense of scientific realism; the elements and information of a natural system can be reduced and modulated and still exhibit characteristics of that natural system and to me this is proof that information is a true and robust representation of our universe. Clean lines, simple shapes, self-similarity on varying scales, and pure, changing color are my palette; information systems and data-sets are my subject matter.

I use mathematics and engineering to formulate physical space-time distortions: displaying static images through time while squeezing and folding the images’ space into 3-dimensional layers. Using industrially prefabricated LED technology and custom firmware, I collapse space and re-map it onto the time axis. By re-displaying information in this manner I give the viewer a glimpse into space-time as seen through my eyes. It’s an automatism whereby I fold my own perception of space-time in an effort to understand what it means to exist.






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