Spotlight on Sappho and Stormy Roxx (music DJs) performing Saturday, Feb 4th

Artists: Sappho and Stormy Roxx (music DJs)
Date / Time: Saturday, Feb 4th: 8:30pm – 10pm
Location: Radiance Dome in the Bridge Lot

Artist Bios: Sappho is a music selector and soul reflector.  Forever searching for music to contribute to the soundtrack of the cosmic travels of nightlife, she relentlessly researches, expands on a narrative and exposes the listener to music they may have never heard but love. Residencies include NoFOMO in Portland, OR and Bottom Forty in Seattle, WA plus she hosts Misplaced Keys, a biweekly radio show on StormyRoxx has been DJing and promoting events for about 2 decades. He is a deep lover of music and how it affects us physically, mentally, and spiritually. This impact has a profound influence how we relate socially, culturally and politically.

StormyRoxx strives to curate exquisite soundscapes featuring compelling works from new artists, as well as intriguing artists from the past. The resulting music is dramatic, playful, introspective, sexual, cosmic and engaging.
StormyRoxx DJs and promotes for regular monthlies “NoFOMO”, and “Walk the Night”, plus several other annual events including Portland’s own Red Dress Party and Burning Man.